The Filling Station's Oils, Vinegars and Salts are great for everyday use, but are also the perfect choice housewarming, hostess, birthday and holiday gifts. We think about those who have everything they need and those who need help stocking their kitchens. Whether it's our custom salt sampler filled with a variety of exotic salts from around the world, an eight-pack sampling of our top-notch oils and vinegars, one of our marvelous dipping dishes or simply a gift certificate-we'll always have something fun to offer the favorite people in your lives!

  • 2oz Salt & Cellar Combo
    2oz Salt & Cellar Combo
    $15.95 (on SALE for $5.00)!
    Adorable 2 pack that pairs our 2oz Merlot Salt with our Stainless Steel Salt Cellar, creating the perfect stocking stuffer!
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  • Salt 4-Pack Sampler-A
    Salt 4-Pack Sampler-A
    $24.95 (on SALE for $10.00)!
    Enjoy Spanish Rosemary, Thai Ginger, Merlot and Pink Himalayan salts to add some depth to your favorite dishes!
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  • Self-Closing Pour Spout - Plastic
    Self-Closing Pour Spout - Plastic
    $4.95 (On SALE for $1.50)!
    Made in Italy, this beautifully silver spout with a strong plastic base has a self-closing lid to ensure your oils stay as fresh as possible.
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  • Stainless Steel Salt Cellar-Mini
    Stainless Steel Salt Cellar-Mini
    $9.95 (on SALE for $2.50)!
    This salt server is as useful as it is adorable. It includes a matching lid and 3” spoon and holds 2 oz of salt. It's the perfect choice for the dinner table when used to house your favorite "everyday" salt such as Fleur de Sel, Cyprus Flake or Merlot.
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  • Twist-Off Stopper
    Twist-Off Stopper
    $2.95 (on SALE for $.50)!
    This spout will seal your bottle to ensure your oils and vinegars stay fresh, and will also allow for an even pour when needed. Both durable and practical, it’s a great option for everyday use in the kitchen and makes for a nice choice when paired with...
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