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Chilean Arbequina Olive Oil
Chilean Arbequina Olive Oil

This EVOO is a real crowed-pleaser and is made from Spanish olives harvested in Chile.

Character: Fresh, and fruity in flavor.  Incredibly smooth with a beautiful, nutty finish! 

Polyphenols: 187.6/Oleic Acid: 75.1/FFA: .09/Peroxide 4.6/DAGs: 91.1/Fruitiness: 4/Bitterness: 2.0/Pungency: 2.

Use: Gorgeous when used for cold applications such as drizzling over fresh fish, vegetables and greens or used as a base in dressings. Also makes for a simple, flavorful choice as a dipping oil. This is not an ideal oil to heat as its aromatic properties can be volatile.

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